Tuesday, 5 June 2012

OOTD Tuesday

I didn't do much today really apart from coming back to college tonight. I threw on this outfit as i'm in love with these shorts as i only made them yesterday!
I will create a post about how i made them soon.

Shorts: Were jeans from Topshop, which i bleached and studded myself
Necklace: Miss Selfridge

Leather Jacket: Zara

Pumps: New Look

In total love with these pumps at the moment. They are my only black flat shoe that i have at the moment as my last Topshop pair have self destroyed and there are holes in the soles!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Product Review: Benefit Brow Zings

I've the Benefit Brow Zings compact for a couple of months now but never had time to do a proper review, but i had time this morning to take some photos as i applied each step.
I decided to splash out the twenty pounds for it, (i got it from debenhams with a discount code) as it's usually £22.50 i think, because my eyebrow pencil ran out, after using it for a year and gradually using a darker one than the Soap and Glory pencil i was previously using.

I love the packaging, it's a smart and sleek black box with the name emblazoned on the front.

Inside the case there are 2 different pallettes of colour. One is a dark brown wax, and the other is a dark brown powder. Along with these is a small (and i mean small) pair of Benefit tweezers, and 2 tiny brushes, one for wax and one for powder.

This is my eyebrow before. I have just dyed these dark brown a couple of days ago as they are so blond and my hair is near black, i just look like a skeleton without my eyebrows coloured in!

 This photo is my eyebrow after i have applied the wax. It's very easy to apply as the brush is angled, so it's very easy to created an arch (if you already have slightly arched brows like mine)
I didn't need to apply much wax, as it's the powder that actually colours them, the wax is there to just make sure the powder stays put.

This is the final photo, voila! Perfect eyebrows! It doesn't take long after you get used to it, and becomes part of my daily make-up routine!

A friend of mine recently bought a cheap version of Brow Zings for a couple of quid from somewhere, and it looked identical, but i have have chance to steal and borrow it to give it a try. Because i'd rather spend a couple of quid 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Product Review: GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker

I've had this lip tint for a while now but never really used it as the first time  I used it it really dried my lips out (I was in spain, so that could be why.) But today i decided to try it out again... and i love it!

The pen itself is just like a felt tip marker and very soft. When first applied it didn't leave much of a mark, but i have had it over a year so it could have died out a bit and i can't remember what is was like when i first got it! I had to apply a few layers, but at the moment i've had it on for over an hour and it feels like there's nothing on my lips! The colour is really nice!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hair chalking

After reading various blog entries about people chalking their hair, I was intrigued as to how easy it actually could be to get amazingly coloured hair that was so bright and washes out easily.
I'm always looking for new ways to transform my boring dark brown growing-out-bob, i regularly use extensions and always dying it different colours, so when i read about this technique i couldn't try it faster!

you will need:

  • wet hair
  • soft powder pastels
  • hair straighteners
  • old tshirt/towel
how i achieved it

  • washed my hair normally
  • roughly towel dried it and brushed it
  • twisted sections of it and chose the bright coloured pastels i could see and just rubbed them onto my hair. This part was VERY messy as the colours ran all over my hands and neck, but that maybe becasue my hair was a bit too wet.
  • i then dried it with a hairdryer and curled sections so it locked the colour in!

I did half my hair purple and half blue, just to see the difference of colours. I think it turned out well, seens as i have near black/dark brown hair. If it was any lighter it would look amazing.
By the next morning it had all rubbed out onto my duvet and pillows though, mom wasn't happy!

anyway, has anyone else tried this? Tempted to just do it on my ombre extensions for a quick colour change!

Friday, 27 April 2012


Oh my days in love with these jeans! A pain to wash though, and have to be careful with them because they show up muck so easily!
Styled with a plain black or white tee they look amazing. If you were ever considering buying these, i would definitely recommend. The fabric isn't too thick, they are more like Topshop's 'Leigh' jeans so they do fit perfectly and are very light. They also make your legs look ultimately slim and long!

Motel also offer various discounts if you sign up to their newsletter which often shaves off their delivery charge and various other codes are available. Topshop also stock them, but they often sell out quickly. 

I noticed whilst browsing Littewoods the other night that they also stock them... FOR SIXTY POUNDS! Why???


I purchased these beauties the other day from new look!
they are PERFECT. I just fell in love with them. Even though they are so ridiculously high i can barely walk and i am well over 6ft in them. But who cares when you have shoes this beautiful underneath you!



Oh my God i am so in love with Disco pants it's unreal. I own two pairs at the moment, the caramel colour and the red colour. I frequently wear the, the red ones i'm obsessed with becasue they are so bright and actually give me a bum!


Wore these out twice recently, have no amazing shots of them though, but i always wear them with a plain black top! and once with a slick of red lipstick

anyone else own a pair? If so what colours and how do you style them?